Fat 2 Fit (or die trying!)

Not fit, and not dead. CLEARLY something went wrong the last go round smh cause I just knew I was gone be skinny! 

Anyway, I’m back. I’m here. Imma post stuff. The end. 

Cravings are a way of life…here are some alternative foods to eat when you are having cravings #FitTip

Cravings are a way of life…here are some alternative foods to eat when you are having cravings #FitTip

So…what I’m thinking is…

The whole “#Survive on 35” thing was a FANTASTIC concept and ended up being a great success (for my wallet). So, I’m going to do it again! 

Now, you figure if you are spending $35 a week on groceries, that is $140 a month which is still a LOT. I never realized how much I spent on groceries until fairly recently. Even just running and buying a few items at a time can run me 75-100 a week. That’s unacceptable. 

Since nobody actually READS this blog, I can pretty much post what the hell I want - and not care whether ppl will hold me accountable lol soooo…that’s what im gonna do. ok then. 

I’ll be buying my groceries for the week either later tonight or early tomorrow morning. >I’ll post my receipts and show what I’ve cooked.

ANOTHER thing though…I’ve been doing this Obama challenge. The premise is basically that President Obama is working his ass off campaigning everywhere and running the country, so why can’t I stop being so lazy and work my ass off trying to accomplish my minor fitness and professional goals as well? It’s actually been going good…I just haven’t posted about it like I am supposed to. But, I’m bringing this up to say that I have a fitness goal attached to this challenge and I decided to start posting on THIS blog to chronicle that part of it. I was just keeping a personal journal but fuck it…why not just post here? 

Next week imma have my periond (once again…if ur reading this- oops. i thought i was the only one on here) so I wont be working out like that, however I’ve made a promise to myself to at least do some brisk walking while i have it. Sooo…i’ll update this blog as to the progress of that. This week I actually fit some jeans I haven’t fit since I bought them. Yup I actually bought them too damn small, telling myself I would be able to fit em super soon. I bought em last year -_- see how well that worked. 

I have SEVERAL dozen items of clothing in my closet that have never been worn, just holding out for this skinny version of myself that never manifests. This is definitely a woman thing….but fuck that. imma be wearing all that shit by January. Mark my words bruh bruh. I like sayin bruh bruh when i channel my inner Plies. Ok bye. 

Day 6!!

1 more day left! And I still have food left…this is UNBELIEVABLE! Now, I don’t have any meat left and I have to upload my last receipt…i’ll do that tomorrow. But, I ended up buying ONE porgy fish to round the week out lol total cost was $2.93 so I stuck to this $35.00 limit to the T! 

Right now, I have some black eyed peas left, a small amount of mustard greens, yogurt, watermelon, cottage cheese and a plum. This is freakin FANTASTIC! 

In addition, I have managed to make it to the gym 3x’s this week and worked out in my house 1x. Miracles DO happen, people. Got on the scale and have lost 3lbs since monday. I think it’s 3lbs anyway…either way I have a 5lb goal for next week so from tomorrow to the following Sunday my big goal is to lose 5lbs. Cross your fingers cause I really hope I can make this happen. 

I’ll be spending part of today planning this #SurviveOn35 for next week. And just an FYI- I might end up making it #SurviveOn40 because I REALLY need to be able to buy fresh fish. Fresh Salmon is $17.99 a lb at my local fish market right now so this will not work throughout this process. I’m hoping to be able to buy smaller fish like porgy or trout throughout this process so that I’m still able to eat fish, but continue being on a budget. Those chicken thighs I had last week were ok but I’ve really been leaning more towards a pescetarian lifestyle for the past year with me eating chicken and beef only once in a while. I’d like to maintain that, so an extra 5 bucks in the budget might do well for me. 

Till tomorrow! 

Day 3!

Good morning folks!

Ok so today is Day 3 of the #SurviveOn35 Challenge and let me tell you…this is AWESOME! I actually love this challenge so far. Since I had to plan so much, it forced me to make a meal plan for the week with detailed breakfast/lunch/dinner meals. I don’t have to think about ANYTHING! I wake up and automatically know wtf i need to bring for breakfast, i have all my tupperware full of stuff at work already that I brought in on Monday, so lunch is taken care of. And dinner is basically anything I feel like eating because sometimes I just want fruit, sometimes I want something heavier. This is fantastic!

OK And now on to the Dr stuff. So, I went to the dr about those black n blue marks I got after running on the treadmill. No answers as of yet, they took tests to see about my blood clotting. Basically they think its blood clots but APPARENTLY I shouldn’t be super worried about this. My dr even told me to continue working out. 

I haven’t been working out too much because I’ve honestly been scared. I did insanity but that isn’t the same as working on the treadmill on an incline like I was doing. So, this afternoon I will be going to the gym. We’ll see what happens. 

ANYWAYYYYY….gonna start running sprints next week, starting monday. Any tips??

Day 2!!

Hello! So, today is day 2 of this #SurviveOn35 challenge. I guess I’ll run down what I ate yesterday…

  • Breakfast- Strawberries
  • Snack- Strawberries & Cottage Cheese 
  • Lunch- Black eyed peas, 1 chicken thigh, greens
  • Dinner- Quinoa, Black eyed peas, broccoli

Today I shall basically be eating the same thing LOL My plan is to pretty much have a big lunch everyday, small breakfast/dinner which is what I do everyday regardless. 

This challenge is actually becoming quite hard for me because I’m used to being able to just run out and buy whatever I want at any time- when I have a taste for something. Like, yesterday I reallyyyyy wanted some cake. Now, of course I wouldn’t really eat cake because I deny myself the simple pleasures hoping for weight loss when it never actually happens…but I wanted some cake and normally would have gone to the store and bought something simple like those 1.00 chocolate chip cookies- and make myself believe it tastes better than cake lmao BUT I COULDN’T EVEN DO THAT! So, I ended up eating 2 strawberries :-/ definitely not the same. 

On another note - I go to the dr in like 30 minutes. Last time I worked out on the treadmill, I got about 10 black and blue marks on one thigh and 4 on the other.  I have noooo idea wtf that was about, and I haven’t been back on the treadmill since it happened. Of course NOW the marks are gone…last one fading away yesterday. So, when I go to the dr she’s just gonna think I’m crazy. And of course I went on web md and saw how many different things it could have been…so im prepared to tell her she has no idea wtf she’s doing and clearly i have diabetes and leukemia. I’ll keep you posted. 

Ohhh and as for exercise…I did insanity last night. the end. I have no idea why I’m having such a hard time waking up in the morning to get to the gym but this has to end tonight. I won’t be up tweeting, talking on the phone or bullshitting around after 10pm anymore. I gotta be focused. These pounds been here forever and I’m tired of this crap. 


Chellooo out there! Ok so for my first challenge…I’m participating in the “Survive on $35” movement…which you can check details on at this website: http://www.anytimehealth.com/blog/15098-secret-millionaire-challenge-can-you-survive-on-35

Basically, I have to contain my grocery shopping to a $35.00 limit for 7 days while eating only healthy food. Now, this is particularly hard for me because I’m known for spending 50+ bucks every single time I go grocery shopping…and I go at least 3 days a week. Yea. Do the math. So, I went shopping this morning to jump start this challenge. I am going to show pics of my receipt so you can see what I bought. Throughout the week I’m going to check in just to show my progress ie: if I ended up buying more food and failing this test, if I missed a workout, etc etc. 

Oh, and for the record, I have food in my house already that will get spoiled if I don’t eat it. So, I am incorporating that food into the $35.00 budget based on how much my local store is selling the items for and how much I actually will be using. for example, I have 1 cup of quinoa that I have already cooked so it will go bad if I don’t eat it. I’m going to calculate how much 1 cup would cost at my local Shopper’s and factor that into the $35.00 limit. 


I shopped at Weis this morning and bought this stuff. Made sure to buy things that were already on sale AND I used a coupon I had ^_^ #SmartShopping

As you can see, my bill came to $21.23  Now, we can factor in the other things I have. 

  1. Whole Watermelon: $3.99
  2. 1 cup Quinoa (pkg was 4.00, 2.5 cups in the pkg so i’ll say..): $1.75
  3. mustard greens: $1.50 farmers mkt #owww!
  4. 3 small sweet potatoes: $2.00 farmers mkt
  5. 1 bag black eyed peas: $1.00 from shopper’s

The end! So….altogether $31.47. So, I have $3.53 left and honestly I think I’ll be spending that on chicken, because I don’t have enough meat. 4 chicken thighs surely won’t last me the whole week. This is gonna kill me too, because I usually eat salmon all week. Chicken I only eat once in a blue. But, it’s cheap so…yup. I’ll be eating it all week lol. 

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! Let’s see what happens. I’m baking the sweet potatoes right now, chicken is marinating, beans are soaking and greens are in the crockpot. Wish me luck!


I thought this would be a great way to kick off this blog. The Survive on 35 premise is built around the idea that eating healthy does not have to be expensive. I first heard about it from my gyms Twitter account, @AnytimeFitness . I followed the trail and found out the entire back…

Right now I’m Fat

And I’ll use this blog to chronicle my journey to get FIT….or die trying. Not literally die but…wait…nah I mean literally die.

Any new diet, workout, challenge, etc I decide to try- will be chronicled here. Sometimes I will complete em, sometimes I will fail. That’s just how life is. You’ll get to follow me during every journey and judge me accordingly. 

And PLEASE don’t say to yourself that you don’t judge anyone…cause everyone judges. If it makes you feel better about judging me- I’ll tell u that I judge EVERYBODY.  So, feel free to judge me…even leave comments telling me what the hell I’m doing wrong and how I can do better. I’ll either thank you or curse you out in my head. Either way, your words will be heard. 

OK So…my overall goal is to get to a healthy weight and LOOK good by January 1st. Right this second, I need to lose 30lbs and go from borderline chubby to slightly bigger than slim. You don’t know what that looks like? Well…I’ll be posting progress pics along the way. Oh, u think I’m gonna post a “before” pic right now? U would be wrong. ok bye!